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Furlan Prosecco Closure


Furlan Prosecco Closure / Stopper

A Prosecco closure designed to keep the fizz for typically up to 1 week.  Yes, sometimes there is a need to close the bottle if in the unlikely event it wasn't finished.   The closures work really well, so be very careful when removing the closure as the pressure builds up and comes off with some force.  Point the bottle away from any people or obstructions.

PRICE: £6.00

DELIVERY PRICE: £1.95 or £4.95 if spending £12.01+ or free if spending £100.00+.  

DELIVERY TIME: Usually with 2-10 days

PAYMENT: Via secure PayPal.  You do not have to have PayPal to use this option, you can also pay using a Credit or Debit Card.